owing to

owing to
'ow|ing to
formal because of something
Owing to a lack of funds, the project will not continue next year.
Flight BA213 has been delayed owing to fog.
WORD CHOICE:owing to, due to, because of, thanks to
Owing to and due to are slightly formal. They are often used in official notices and public statements : Owing to bad weather, this morning's flight will be delayed. | He is retiring due to ill health.
!! Owing to and due to are prepositions (they come immediately before a noun). They are not conjunctions (they cannot connect two parts of a sentence) : I had to wait hours because the plane was delayed (NOT I had to wait hours owing to the plane was delayed).
In spoken English, it is more usual to use because of than owing to or due to : All my clothes got wet because of the storm (NOT owing to the storm).
Thanks to is used to explain why something good has happened : Thanks to the success of his first album, he is now a wealthy man.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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